Family Fun


There are 4 siblings in my family. Each of us has one sibling with whom we don’t speak. It’s not even the holidays yet, and we’ve already had our first holiday drama. My back is starting to seize, and my eye twitch has returned. I really just want to send a loaded email and let someone have it! They are treating people horribly, and they just need to know that I don’t really want to see them. Even while writing this my head starts to hurt and tears start to form. How do they get away with such behavior?

How do I get away with such behavior?

The sweet words of a brother and another darling friend reminded me of the reason Jesus came so long ago. He came to restore the broken and redefine families. Most long to have the large, welcoming, no issue, ever gracious, not bringing up sore subjects, and actually wanting to be together family. We were made that way. But, when Jesus was born he inaugurated a better family.

Jesus’ life told us that it didn’t matter what family you came from, what family you got into, or what family you made. For the first time all that mattered was being part of the family, which he created from the beginning of time, full of broken, fallen, redeemed people – God’s family. And from that family we gain value. Your value isn’t based anymore on your extended family getting along or even who they are. My value isn’t based anymore on whether or not I’m married. Our value isn’t based anymore on if we have children or on how those children turn out to be. Our value is based on Jesus’ life, pursuits, and love.

Truth is, Christmas is difficult for families. The old wounds surface, the simmering tensions boil, and the endless frustrations rear their heads. In the midst of it – remember that baby. That baby who came to redefine families as Jesus is our most perfect older brother. He gave his life for us. He gave his place for us. He gives us value.

Ps 68:6a – God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.

P.S. Email not sent. Family will get together, and we still need Jesus. We know He is in the midst. Praying we can act like it!

Debby Sutton

2 Replies to “Family Fun”

  1. Debbie, thanks for those thoughts. With 3 grown children who parent differently we have our issues also. Nice to know we are not alone and remember we need Jesus!

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